The server has been shutdown indefinitely. All download links are still available and the discord is still up. If you have any questions or would like to help bring the server back contact me at

Realm Craft

Realm Craft is a modded survival multiplayer (SMP) server made by a few friends who were in the mood to play modded Minecraft. We've decided it would be more enjoyable to invite others on to join. We're using a custom modpack with around 100 mods. We have Discord channel where you can suggest more that will be added and the modpack will be updated.

Join our Discord here

About & Rules

The server has ~10,000 block diameter world border put in place firstly; to help with lag, and secondly; to encourage PVP and player interaction. Our server has almost no rules. As long as you're not rude, racist, homophobic, etc... and you're not hacking/cheating then you're pretty much free to do whatever. (This means you should probably hide your base). If we have problems with this we will add official rules later.

The server has around 100 mods with no particular theme. We include Flan's mod which adds guns and planes to encrourage PVP. A full list of mods can be found here: Mod List

How to

To join our server we wanted to make it as simple as possible since we are using a custom modpack so we made it a Technic Launcher pack. We also offer MultiMC and Curse modpack downloads but they're slightly more complicated.

Technic Launcher

Step 1: Download Technic Launcher

Step 2: Open Technic, Log in with your Minecraft account

Step 3: Go to "MODPACKS" (top bar) and search for: "" (without the quotes)

Step 4: Our modpack should appear, click it and install it.

Step 5: While it's installing, click "Launcher Options" near the top right. A new menu should appear, go to the Java tab and assure Memory is set to at least 4GB.

Step 6: Press Play. The server should already be in the multiplayer section of the game. If not the ip is:

Manual Install

I'm not going to explain how you can manually install the modpack since there is already plenty of youtube videos on that, but if you decide that you want to, you should know that the Flan folder must go outside of the mods folder and directly into your .minecraft folder. All the mods are available to download here.


/sethome Sets your home to later teleport to.

/home Teleports you back to your home.

/tpa [username] Requests to teleport to a player

/sleep Starts a vote to skip night


If you have any problems or questions join our Discord and message @The Higher Realm or put a message in the support channel.


MultiMC Export Compressed Mods Folder Curse Launcher Profile Mod List Webpage

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